I know this topic is not on everyone’s mind, but ignoring your Compressed Air Dryer can be a costly mistake. The purpose of a Compressed Air Dryer is to enhance the performance of your air system, which in turn increases the output to the attached tools. How you ask?

The process of compressing air ensures that it will contain water in both liquid and vapor forms.  As it travels through your system this liquid and vapor washes away the lubricants that keep your compressed system running smoothly.  Eventually this can cause a failure as the additional friction accelerates wear and tear of the system’s mechanical parts.

Excessive moisture can even affect the performance of the production process. For example: Mixing water with sand bast media will clog nozzles, elbows, and hoses – halting production. Mixing water with paint is the perfect recipe for a ruined job; one that will cost you time and materials. Florida’s summer rising dew point levels guarantee that the moister level in the air will increased dramatically. Normally, this excessive water vapor doesn’t cause too many problems, that is until it is cooled down and turned into a liquid. Unfortunately the natural process of expanding compressed air through any output device lowers the temperature of the air.  When air is cooled enough by the expansion process you will get liquid.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to compress air without compressing water along with it. This is true even during the driest of seasons. Anyone that has lived in Florida during the summer season will attest that it is a brutal wet climate. Besides the moister rich tropical climate another of nature’s rules is enforced; the hotter the air, the more water it can hold. And Florida’s summers are no stranger to heat.  Now imagine taking this thick soupy summer air and compressing it along with all the water it contains.  Tick, tick.

While an air dryer will not remove all the moister out of the air, one in good working condition will significantly lower the dew point (amount of moister). This will help prevent failure and get the performance you expect out of your tools.  Which in turn will increase your production and profits.

Now the importance of your “Summer Air Dryer Tune Up” should hit home. Air Centers of Florida’s factory trained service personal follow a detail check list to ensure your air dryer is working at its peak performance during the summer months.  Let us help you keep your business running.  Call us today at 866-880-4456.

Thank you,

Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology