It’s no secret that your air compressor system is a significant portion of your monthly Electricity Bill. The U.S. DOE (Dept. of Energy) estimates the air compressor system averages 12% to 18% of an average manufacturing plant’s electrical costs. But since the electric bill shows one big amount, it’s difficult to know if your compressor system is efficient or not…

You just keep paying the bill.

Air Centers of Florida has the products, the technology, and the tools to attack the ever-increasing cost of operating your air compressor. We have years of successful experience in providing solutions that save our customers money. Let us help you drive down your costs…

1. Through our “System Assessment” process, (Solutionizing), we can identify the areas that are costing you money, while providing solutions that often pay for themselves in no time. Additionally, many local Power Companies are currently offering energy rebate programs, so the initial investment and payback time are minimized. See the attached rebate case study.

2. Through increased Reliability and Lower Maintenance costs of equipment. Downtime is costly, and some manufacturers haven’t figured this out yet. With proper monitoring and maintenance planning, (Solutionizing), we can provide answers about keeping the production line up and running.

To get started, please feel free to call me at directly (813) 781-5476, or email me at Or simply check out or website,, to learn more about how our team can help you with some of those stubborn problems.


Larry Niggle
System Sales Engineer
Air Centers of Florida, Inc.