Over the years, Air Centers of Florida has completed several compressed disney_specialair and natural gas projects for Walt Disney World.  Whether it was to propel a boat through water or create a special water effect our installation team came through.

Recently Disney asked us to help on a small custom design project.  A project that could make a big difference in maintaining safety.  We all know Disney runs one of the most heavily used monorail systems in the world with over 150,000 daily users.  Since 1971, these monorails have had an unsurpassed safety record.  Safety is not an accident; it requires constant maintenance and checks on their fleet.

For Disney to maintain their large fleet of monorails, it requires a large maintenance facility.  The facility can provide space for up to ten of their Mark VI trains on its upper level.

Disney wanted a more efficient way to the test the air brakes on these large trains.  They asked us if we could design a transportable air compressor that would deliver clean, dry air for brake testing.   We were happy to take on the challenge.

We knew our Ingersoll Rand Horizontal 2475 type 30 Air Compressor would meet the Max Pressure requirements, but the project also required clever engineering to incorporate the SKF Separator Filter Dryer.  Both Disney and Air Center could not tolerate anything but clean, dry air into the braking system.  Once the air package design was completed, we built a custom steel frame with industrial wheels for transporting the compressor to different areas of the shop.  Ingersoll Rand products have outstanding longevity, and we built the frame to last decades. Last but not least, we added a retractable system for both the air hose and electrical cord.

All and all it was a neat little solution for a big facility.   We are proud of our small contribution to the safety of Disney’s Monorail passengers.

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