Time to ring in the New Year with some New Year’s resolutions for your company. Rather than waiting until the last minute to get maintenance done on your air compressors, commit to getting regular servicing.

Why Service Your Air Compressor System?

Because standard air compressors don’t typically require daily maintenance, it’s easy to forget about them and neglect their upkeep. This can be a costly oversight so it’s vital for you to commit to regular servicing.

Service Early

Ultimately, it’s always going to be a better idea to call in service than it is to call in for repairs. By servicing early, you’re gaining a lot of benefits over neglecting a piece of machinery until it breaks, or until it’s necessitated servicing time occurs.

Firstly, by calling in service when you spot signs rather than when you need it immediately, you’ll be able to tailor the timeline of repairs to suit you. Repair during slow times, rather than during times of high use, to maximize efficiency and lower possible downtime.

Secondly, you prevent the risk of total plant shut down while you wait for core air compressor to be repaired. A critical machine going offline can be a disastrous occurrence, especially during high workloads or in industries with strict, competitive deadlines to beat.

Thirdly, air compressors in particular work off efficiency. While an air compressor may be ‘working’ effectively, leaks and other routine maintenance-fixable things can use up 20-30% of your air flow, with an average of 19% across all tested. Over the first ten years of use, an air compressor’s initial capital cost and maintenance cost make up 18% and 7% of total expenditure, while energy accounts for a gigantic 73%.

By servicing early, you’ll cut down leaks that can reach as high as 40-50% loss and reduce your overall expenditure significantly. The better maintained, the larger reduction (for 7% average costs) you’ll get your leakage (0.2-0.3 of 72% energy costs).

Is Preventative Maintenance Necessary?

 The answer is yes. An air compressor is a machine, and all machines require regular maintenance if they are going to work their best. Allow us the opportunity to help you extend the life of your air compressors.

 Air Centers of Florida service team is available 24-hours / 7 days a week. We offer repair, preventative maintenance programs, piping, and installation of air compressor systems for commercial and industrial clients. Our goal is to provide the best air compressor service for your specific needs while ensuring peak operation throughout its life cycle.