Do you know all components of an efficient, cost-effective, and high performing air compressor system?

Virtually, every modern facility uses compressed air in their production processes. It’s clean, easy to store, and can be used for a vast number of applications from operating power tools, conveying or lifting materials, to controlling robotics.

The responsibility of maintaining reliable compressed air power, while upholding process requirements and keeping costs in check falls squarely on the plant manager. By taking a total systems approach, operations can increase performance and reduce inefficiencies for significant bottom-line benefit.

Understanding the total impact of running a compressed air system and identifying the necessary actions based on unique compressed air needs can reduce energy costs by as much as 20 percent.

Ingersoll Rand provides critical systems components to maximize the performance of a compressed air or gas system. This ranges from system controls, tanks and piping, air treatment, and variable frequency drives to consumables, such as parts and lubricants.

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Air Compressors
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Inside and out of the compressor room, Air Centers of Florida and Ingersoll Rand are your trusted partners to design, manufacture, deliver, install and maintain your compressor system ensuring high performance, high quality, and uptime.

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