Did you know that a 50 Hp air compressor can produce 40 gallons of condensate / day that contains lubricant which should be removed before discharging down the sewers? If not properly contained or treated, that oily discharge could cause environmental problems and disposal compliance issues for your company.

There is growing concern in governmental agencies about condensate disposal from compressed air systems. The Clean Water Act and other local ordinances hold very strict environmental compliance standards in regards to this matter. Even compressors using biodegradable fluids such as polyglycol are at risk for the penalties mentioned above. Ingersoll Rand has developed a efficient, easy to install and maintain POLYSEP Oil-Water Separator, that removes lubricant from air compressor condensate before discharge to sanitary sewer drains.

We want to help you …

✔ Reduce the environmental impact.
✔ Minimize the costs associated with disposal of fluids.
✔ Most importantly, keep you in COMPLIANCE!

For more information about Ingersoll Rand’s POLYSEP oil water separators, please contact me directly at (813)781-5476, or email at l.niggle@acfpower.com . Whether you have one small compressor or a large complex system we have the right solution for you!

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