Ingersoll Rand has launched an extended life rotary compressor lubricant, Ultra EL. This advanced synthetic rotary lubricant performs up to 16,000 hours — twice as long as other synthetic rotary lubricants — to increase up-time and reduce life-cycle costs.

Ingersoll Rand Ultra EL is a high-performance lubricant blend that provides advanced cooling technologies that allow air compressors to run cooler and more efficiently — even in high ambient temperature environments. Ultra EL also reduces wear and increases component longevity, increasing overall compressor performance.

Ultra EL is best suited for high-demand, multi-shift applications. When used in demanding environments, Ultra EL helps cut change-out frequency in half which maximizes uptime and lowers the facility’s maintenance needs, disposal costs and environmental impact. Ultra EL also prevents critical compressor components from varnishing which further increases the longevity of the compressed air system. In addition to saving time and money, Ultra EL has a higher flash point (522° F) than most synthetic lubricants.

Ultra EL lubricant is compatible with Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant and can be used in most brands of rotary screw compressors,” said Ryan Cook, aftermarket leader – North America, Ingersoll Rand. “This makes it easy and cost-effective for compressor owners to upgrade their lubricant and improve the performance of their existing air systems.”

Ultra EL is available in four standard sizes, including 1 liter, 5 liter, 15 liter and 208 liter drums, to meet various application needs. To learn more about the Ultra EL extended life rotary compressor lubricant from Ingersoll Rand, Call us today! 866 880 4456