Neither too hot or too cold.

The most common, number one, breakdown with a compressed air dryer is overheating. When the condenser of the refrigerant circuits gets dirty, ventilation issue or the room is just too hot (especially in the Florida summer), the dryer can’t get rid of the heat. It will eventually trip on its over-pressure switch.

Preventative Maintenance: Let us professional clean the condenser on a schedule. Our technicians know how to be careful, the small plates (fins) are sensitive. We use special condenser fin combs to clean and straighten the fins. We also clean the strainer on a condensate valve traps or replace float type traps.

Another problem that occurs is that the dryer gets too cold! If the dryer dries the air to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the water will freeze, and the ice will block the pipes. Over a period of time, the dryer will be entirely blocked. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, such as something wrong in the refrigerant circuit (a sensor or valve for example), or Freon levels, in which case you will need an Air Centers of Florida or another technician to repair it.  Of course we recommend the highly skilled techs at Air Centers of Florida.

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