Every business owner knows that compressed air systems can be expensive to operate if not functioning correctly, there is a reason air is known as “The Fourth Utility.” Compressed air systems are more expensive as efficiency decreases.

Annually, companies waste a significant amount of money to compress air for production operation and support processes. Industry studies have shown the amount wasted between 30-60%! No one should overpay for a system that is not being used correctly. How do you know if you are overpaying?

There are significant savings available through optimization of compressed air systems.

Optimize Performance with Intellisurvey

There are several contributing factors: Misapplication of the air system components; Inefficient and ineffective system operation; Artificial demand and system leaks; You could count the ways.

The absolute worse way to attempt to fix the troublesome issue is by using guesswork. This is at best a hit or miss proposition. Ingersoll Rand eliminates the guesswork by providing air system auditing services that ensure air system efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Using Ingersoll Rand innovative tool known as Intellisurvey, we at Air Centers of Florida will non-intrusively monitor your compressed air system to determine the root cause of your problematic symptoms. With Intellisurvey, our experts can analyze your air system components, as well as flow, pressure, supply utilization and power costs, to determine how to generate improvements in efficiency and productivity.

The optimizing process would start with an analysis of your system’s operation over a complete operating cycle. This is typically 7 days. After we analyze your system data we will offer real world solutions that will help you save money, reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

There is no excuse for not getting what you are paying for. Why not give us a call today: 813-621-9671.

Bill Hogan, Marketing & Technology, with Air Centers of Florida. Offices throughout Florida. For more information visit http://arlecompressor.com