Air Centers of Florida is the exclusive distributor for Ingersoll Rand’s complete lines of Compressed air equipment, Tools, ARO Pumps, and Material handling (Hoists and winches) announces our expansion into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling.  This is a natural integration for us and we have built upon our years of experience and expertise working with Ingersoll Rand’s products.

To provide the best products and services available, Air Centers of Florida has partnered with both Ingersoll Rand and P. C. McKenzie.   Since 1946, P. C. McKenzie Company has been actively involved in the Natural Gas Industry.  Ingersoll Rand is the leader for CNG equipment for the NGV market.  P.C. Mckenzie’s experience combined with Ingersoll Rand’s equipment make them the ideal partners for us.

The Future is Now

CNG is both the past and the future.  Some even believe that it will play a key role in achieving energy independence.   Several large cities / companies in the United States have made the switch to CNG for their bus and service fleets.  There are a lot more to come.  Everyone that switched has learned that CNG storage offers lower weight, higher energy storage and lower costs – as well as faster refueling.   They also learned that CNG is cleaner, safer and their fleets require less maintenance.


CNG burns clean.  In fact, it is the cleanest burning fuel today.  This translates into less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life.  Another added advantage is dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles have little or no emissions during refueling.   It is a little known fact, but the refueling process for standard gasoline vehicle accounts for over 50% its hydrocarbon emissions.

Less Maintenance

After converting their vehicles to CNG, fleet operators have reduced maintenance costs by as much as 40%. The conversion has increased the intervals between oil changes anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 additional miles.

More Safe

Several surveys have indicated that NGV’s are as safe if not safer than those powered by other fuels.  In 1992 AGA survey of more than 8,000 vehicles reported that NGV injury rates per vehicle mile traveled were significantly lower (34%) than the rate for gasoline vehicles.  There were no fatalities reported in over 1,800 collisions.

Let us help your business make the transition to Compressed Natural Gas

We are headquartered in Tampa with full service branches in Jacksonville and Orlando with satellite offices throughout Florida.  We promise to offer the most complete line of compressed natural gas products in the industry along with the best service.

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