ACF, Inc. Announces New Company Acquisition of Arle Compressor Systems Corp

You can access the Press Release, here.

“With this new expansion to ACF’s Family of Companies, we are now able to offer Ingersoll Rand’s full product line throughout all of Florida. Today, we continue to provide the same quality service and sales to our customers, with the inclusion of enhanced experience from our added expert technicians and system engineers.”

Andrew Young, President

The parent company of Air Centers of Florida, is proud to announce its acquisition of Arle Compressor Systems Corp on May 10th, 2018. The newly formed
company, Arle Compressors of Florida (ACF), will continue to operate under the same branch in the Miami area, and all of Arle’s wonderful employees will continue to work at the new company.

Since 1987, Air Centers of Florida has been providing industrial air compressor sales, service and support in Northern and Central Florida. Since its inception, they have been Ingersoll Rand’s Master Distributor for industrial air compressors and air treatment products in the region.

Parent company, ACF Holdings of Tampa Bay, Inc. (ACF, Inc.), also includes ACF Tool and Hoist, a supplier of industrial tools, hoists and pumps, as well as ACF Standby Systems, Generac’s Master Distributor for Industrial Generators in Northern and Central Florida.

The ACF Family of Companies is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. They will now operate four districts throughout the region and continue to provide superior service and support to their customers from their main branches in Tampa, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville, along with several satellite warehouses throughout Florida.

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Arle Compressors Contact Information
Telephone: +1 305-888-8978
Fax: +1 305-882-0102
Address: 10650 NW South River Dr, Medley, FL 33178