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Using the wrong materials when piping your compressor system can be a huge burden

Traditionally, engineers have specified a variety of piping materials for compressed air systems, including, but not limited to: galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, stainless steel and even PVC.

Recently, aluminum piping has become a considerable alternative to other piping materials that many contractors, architects and engineering firms are using today.

Reduced costs, and increased longevity are just two of the many advantages of using aluminum piping to install a compressed air system.

Here are three reasons why aluminum piping makes for quality material for most compressed air installations today:

1) Low Installation & Maintenance Costs

Aluminum pipe systems are much easier to install and modify compared to steel or copper pipe systems.

Here’s why:

  • Aluminum pipe is lighter than steel or copper pipe, reducing installation and modification costs
  • Up to 50% savings in labor, since aluminum pipe is supplied ready for use
  • Aluminum piping doesn’t require threading or soldering, required special equipment and skilled workers
  • No special tools, or preparations besides cutting, deburring, and
  • chamfering are required
  • Aluminum pipe is calibrated, meaning that all of its quick connect components are always secured

A compressed air system built with aluminum piping is much cleaner than air delivered by a steel pipe system. 

Should the application require it, aluminum pipe systems can help meet the requirements of ISO 8573-1: 2010 air quality standards.

Cleaner Air = Lower Maintenance Costs

2) Minimized Leaks

The main issue with threaded connections is that they will inevitably leak, which causes compressors’ energy to run harder and longer, driving up  utility costs. 

PVC pipes in compressed air installations can also leak, which we all know can be a costly problem. It’s easy to install PVC pipe incorrectly, by not threading the pipes correctly or by not applying the sealant at the joints correctly.

However, the fittings used with aluminum pipe systems fit securely and leak far less than the fittings used with threaded systems, which transports directly into energy savings and improved plant productivity.

Less Leaks = Less Utility Costs

3) No Corrosion = No Stress

Aluminum pipe’s corrosion-resistant properties offer optimal air flow, reduced energy costs, and better air quality overall. 

Even if your steel piping system has a moisture trap, there will always be some moisture in the system, resulting in corrosion and rusting pipes. Galvanized steel pipe will also corrode, seeing as not all pipes are galvanized both inside and out. 

Copper piping can corrode, yet is more attractive than steel pipe because it doesn’t corrode as much. A copper piping system will have fewer air flow problems and air cleanliness problems than steel pipe, but it can still experience flow restriction over time. 

Sometimes you’ll find systems that use PVC pipe, which becomes brittle over time and may explode when transporting air under high pressure. In fact, it is against OSHA standards and highly dangerous to use PVC pipe for compressed air systems.

Let’s Sum Things Up

Considering being OSHA certified, along with its many benefits ‒ aluminum pipes in compressed air systems just makes the most sense to us. 

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