Ingersoll Rand RS30 and RS37 Air Compressors Deliver up to 18 Percent Efficiency Improvement

Our Distributor Ingersoll Rand has introduced the new RS30 and RS37 models, the first in a series of next generation oil-flooded, rotary screw air compressors.

The Next Generation R-Series Air Compressors deliver world-class performance and enhanced reliability, lowering operational costs. At Air Centers of Florida, we know you’re under pressure to be leaner, more productive, and more energy efficient.  These Next Generation R-Series air compressors provide improved compressor performance and will reduce your energy footprint.

Performance and Technical Benefits: Efficiency, Reliability, Air Flow Capacity

The new air compressors improve performance through a state-of-the-art airend, which is the heart of every air compressor. According to our distributor, Ingersoll Rand’s new airend design was developed through advanced analytics and modeling, and includes amongst other things, an optimized rotor profile that provides up to an 18 percent efficiency improvement compared to previous models.

The new rotor profile also contributes to best-in-class airflow capacity, delivering up to 15 percent more airflow than previous models. The improved airflow creates a more reliable air supply, reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency, even in extreme operating conditions. An enhanced bearing arrangement and sealed drive system helps improve performance and reliability while minimizing the need for maintenance.

The advanced motor design and high and low ambient temperature options help optimize the Next Generation R-Series for operation in challenging environments, protecting valuable investments.

The Next Generation R-Series air compressors are equipped with the Xe-series controller which allows easy remote access to, and control of, the compressed air system using any current, conventional web browser. Users can receive information on compressor performance and events by email, adjust compressor settings remotely and program compressors according to specific events through real-time clock schedules; users can automatically start or stop compressors for shift changes or preventative maintenance.

Next Generation R-Series compressors can save you money on equipment and operations by ensuring that discharge air powering equipment carries a minimal amount of moisture, which reduces the dependence on large downstream air dryers.

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